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BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Soldier Stabbed in Tel Aviv in Act of Terror

Barak Sharabi. Scene of attack.

Barak Sharabi. Scene of attack.


Barak Sharabi. Scene of attack.


Barak Sharabi. Scene of attack.


Barak Sharabi. Scene of attack.

A soldier was stabbed in Tel Aviv this morning at the HaHaganah train station on Levinsky Street. Police announced that the stabber has been apprehended and that a preliminary investigation indicated the attack was an act of terrorism. He reportedly attempted to steal the soldier’s gun, but failed.

Reports describe the attacker as a man from Nablus, in his 20s, who had entered Israel illegally.

The soldier received first aid at the scene, and was then transported to Tel Hashomer Hospital. He is in critical condition and is undergoing surgery now. A man in his 50s chased down the attacker, and was wounded in the process.

Nachum Bernstein is a paramedic with Magen David Adom, and was a first responder on the scene, and was one of the paramedics to give first aid to the soldier before the victim was evacuated to the hospital. He described the soldier to Tazpit News Agency as having “numerous stabbing wounds, too many to count.”

He also described how the terrorist was able to break away from those who tried to immediately apprehend him at the scene, and was captured by the police further down the street. The terrorist was mildly wounded, and is being questioned by police. Bernstein also gave first aid to the terrorist.

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