New Color Photograph Shows George Zimmerman’s Bloody Nose Moments After he Gunned Down Trayvon Martin

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A new color photograph showing George  Zimmerman’s bloody face the night he killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin has been  released by his defense team.

The image, which had previously only been  seen as a grainy, black-and-white version, shows blood streaming from the former  neighbourhood watch volunteer’s swollen nose as he sits in a police  car.

The severity of his injuries could add  strength to Zimmerman’s claim that he was acting in self defense when he fatally  shot the unarmed teenager in a Florida gated community in  February.

It was among the latest batch of evidence  handed over to the defense by prosecutors and was posted to Zimmerman’s legal  team’s website,,  on Monday.

Injuries: This photo taken by a Sanford, Florida police officer on February 26, after George Zimmerman shot dead unarmed teen Trayvon Martin, has been released by his defense team

The rest of the new evidence will also be  posted to the blog ‘assoon as we are sure it has been properly redacted’,  the team wrote.

In yet another complication for a case that  has already taken numerous twists and turns before the trial has even begun, the  defense team also posted a new motion asking for the judge’s permission to  re-depose a police witness, Investigator William Erwin.

When they first took his statement, the  defense had not been told that Erwin had been present when the police played a  911 recording of Trayvon’s father, the new motion said.

The 911 call was made by a neighbor who heard  the struggle ahead of the deadly shooting. Police said Tracy Martin claimed the  voice heard crying did not belong to his son.

Yet, he has since disputed this, and said  that he and Trayvon’s mother,Sybrina  Fulton,do  believe they were his son’s cries.

Zimmerman, 29, remains in hiding as he  awaits trial for fatally shooting the 17-year-old in Sanford, Florida as the  youngster visited his father.

The killing came after Zimmerman, who was on  duty as a neighbourhood watch volunteer that night, called 911 to report a  suspicious man who looked like he was ‘up to no good.’

The teenager was returning to his father’s  girlfriend’s house from a nearby store where he purchased Skittles for his  little brother and an iced tea for  himself.

Acting against the wishes of the 911  operator Zimmerman followed Martin, and they got into a scuffle, with Zimmerman  claiming Martin jumped on top of him and slammed his head against the  ground.

Recounting the deadly scrap the day after the  incident, he added that as Martin smothered his mouth and nose with his hand and  arm, he grabbed his gun from a holster before Martin could get it.

He fired one shot into Martin’s chest,  killing him.

In court: Zimmerman, pictured in June, now awaits his murder trial for the February shooting

The killing death sparked nationwide  protests for the arrest of Zimmerman – which took 40 days – and inflamed public  anger over race relations and gun control.

Mark Osterman, 44, a federal air  marshall  who sheltered Zimmerman for six weeks after the shooting, told Dr. Phil that his  friend would be dead unless he had killed the Florida teenager.

Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to  second-degree murder and claims the shooting was self-defense, but prosecutors say he profiled and pursued  Trayvon.

His murder trial has been set for June  10.

A new judge was appointed to oversee the case  in August. Zimmerman’s defense team had argued the previous judge made remarks  putting Zimmerman in reasonable fear of  an unfair trial.

Source: The Daily Mail

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