$1MILLION Reward: Ex-LAPD Cop “Called Shooting Victim’s Father to Taunt him about her Death”

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The fugitive ex-cop who is wanted for three  murders called the father of one of his alleged victims to taunt him about his  daughter’s death, it was revealed today.

Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, is suspected  of shooting Monica Quan and her fiance Keith Lawrence in their car in Irvine,  California, last Sunday as ‘punishment’ against her father Randall Quan, a  former Los Angeles police captain.

Dorner wrote online that he blames Quan for  his 2009 firing from the LAPD. Quan represented Dorner at the review board  hearings that led to his dismissal.

The LAPD urged Dorner to turn himself in and  on Sunday offered a $1million reward for information leading to his  arrest.

Police Chief Charlie Beck said on Sunday that  the $1 million bounty is likely be the largest reward ever offered in Southern  California.

He said raising the money was ‘remarkably  easy’ because of the threat Dorner poses to law enforcement officers and their  families in the region.

The money came from police unions, local  businesses, community groups and local government across Southern California.

‘We will not tolerate this reign  of terror  that has robbed us of our security,’ Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa  vowed at a press conference Sunday afternoon.

Yesterday, police searching for Dorner  suggested they may use drones in the hunt.

Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz said they  are ‘using all the tools at our disposal’ when asked whether drones were being  deployed, according to The Express.

It is believed thermal imaging cameras on the  drones could prove crucial in the search.

Custom and Border Patrol spokesman Ralph  DeSio added: ‘This agency has been at the forefront of domestic use of drones by  law enforcement’, according to The Express.

It was also revealed on Sunday that Dorner  received flight training when  he served in the U.S. Navy and could attempt to  steal an airplane to  escape authorities.

The  former U.S. Navy Reserve lieutenant is  believed to be on the loose after he evaded a massive manhunt that had tracked  him to Big Bear,  California.

Police on Sunday dramatically scaled down  their search of the mountains in the mountain resort since they found his  abandoned burned-out truck there on Friday.

Some 125 heavily-armed officers scoured the  area this weekend. That number has now been scaled back to just 25.

Earlier in the afternoon, police and  detectives were spotted at the home of Dormer’s mother in La Palma, California  after they obtained a warrant to search the property.

ABC  News reports that Dorner cruelly  taunted Mr Quan last Thursday – four days after he allegedly murdered his  daughter and 11 hours after he allegedly shot three police officers – one of  them fatally.

A man claiming to be Dorner reportedly called  the grieving Mr Quan and told him he ‘should have done a better job of  protecting his daughter.’

In the manifesto that Dorner posted on his  Facebook page, he listed Quan and dozens of other people, all of them involved  in his firing, as targets. He promises to murder the families of the officers  and to kill anyone who tried to stop him.

‘I never had the opportunity to have a family  of my own… so I am terminating yours,’ he wrote.

Chief Beck revealed Sunday that ’50 LAPD families’ are under armed guard and surveillance because they were  mentioned  as potential targets.

‘They are not only targets, but likely likely  victims,’ he warned at a press conference.

Dorner has already possibly tried to attack  one of the names on his list. On Thursday, his truck was spotted in the area of  one of the potential targets on the list.

Two LAPD officers guarding the home chased  after Dorner and engaged him in a firefight. Dorner responded by unleashing such  a punishing flurry of bullets that the officers’ squad car was no longer  drivable.

One of the officers was grazed in the head by  a shot.

Just minutes later, he allegedly pulled up to  a Riverside police car that was stopped at a red light and opened fire.

A 34-year-old police trainer with 11-years on  the force was killed. A 27-year-old trainee was gravely wounded and remains in  intensive care after undergoing surgery. Their names are not being released to  protect their families.

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