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Tractor-Trailer Slams into Rail near Grand Central Terminal, Sending Tons of concrete Raining Down on 42nd St.

Roads around Grand Central Terminal have reopened after a tractor-trailer hit part of a wall on the upper roadway over the terminal, causing debris to fall to the ground.

The truck was attempting to make a turn at Park Avenue and 41 Street when it hit a retaining wall, causing it to partially collapse. Concrete chunks and debris fell to the ground below.

Trucks are not permitted on the Pershing Square viaduct around Grand Central, according to officials.

“The tractor-trailer driver is probably not familiar with truck routes in Midtown, which are clearly identified,” Marc Wurzel of the Grand Central Business Improvement District wrote in an email to NBC 4 New York.

Wurzel said there are signs posted from the streetlight pole at the base of the viaduct that read “Passenger cars only.”

18-wheeler with the logo Western Express hit the cement railing on the bridge at Grand Central Terminal and concrete came raining down on 42nd St.

A worker at a Kenneth Cole store just below the viaduct said their store awning briefly caught the fallen chunks of concrete, allowing just enough time for the pedestrians walking underneath the awning at the time to scatter.

“It’s a miracle that there were not five or six people seriously hurt or killed,” said the worker, who did not wanted to be identified.

Forty-first Street between Lexington and Park avenues was closed for a period of time, causing heavy delays.

Fire marshals are on the scene investigating.

Source: NBC 4 NY

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