70-Year-Old U.S. Open Tennis Referee, Bludgeoned Her 82-year-old Husband to Death with a Coffee Mug

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A 70-year-old tennis referee who was preparing to work at the U.S. Open in New York has been arrested for bludgeoning her 82-year-old husband to death with a coffee mug at their Los Angeles home.

Police officers from New York and L.A. swooped on Lois Ann Goodman as she had breakfast at the Sheraton Hotel, where she was staying in New York City, on Tuesday morning.

She is accused of killing her husband, Alan, during a fight at their home on April 17, and then trying to make it appear as if he had fallen down the stairs.

She was taken into custody on a warrant filed a week ago by the L.A. County district attorney’s office.

Sources told the New York Post she stands accused of hitting him with the mug and then stabbing him with of its smashed pieces.

Arrested: Lois Ann Goodman, 70, was arrested in Midtown on Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2012, for allegedly beating her husband to death with a coffee mug

Alan Goodman’s death was originally ruled suspicious by police, but investigators could not determine if foul play was involved, the Los Angeles Police Department said. 

After a full homicide investigation on August 2, police ruled he had indeed been killed after he was attacked with a sharp object.

Los Angeles police Lt. David Storaker told the L.A. Times that his death ‘was a suspicious death from the onset’.

He said Alan Goodman’s head injuries were consistent with an attack, and the coroner’s office agreed, adding it appeared he had also fallen.

‘It was a homicide. He had multiple sharp-force injuries,’ Ed Winter, assistant chief of investigations for the coroner, said.

Goodman became a prime suspect – but she was already on her way to New York for the Open, which begins on Monday.

Police said it was difficult to track down Goodman as she often travels for weeks at a time. They found out she she was scheduled to be in New York for the U.S. Open and worked with the NYPD to take her into custody. ‘If need be, we [would have] gone’ to the U.S. Open, Storaker added.

She was still wearing her tennis tracksuit when she was taken into custody, the Post added.

Storaker added that detectives believe they know a motive for the killing but would not release any further information.

The elderly mother of three will face arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court before being extradited back to Los Angeles.

She was arrested on the felony murder warrant and prosecutors said they would ask that her bail be set at $1 million. She faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted.

Goodman is well known in tennis circles and was preparing to serve as a referee at the U.S. Open Tennis Championships tournament, a district attorney’s office spokeswoman, Jane Robison, said.


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