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A Night Of Inspiration For TOVA

L–R: Zezy Fuld, Yitzy Mendlowitz, Jordan Hiller, Richard Altabe, Dr. Norman Blumenthal, Yehuda Klinkowitz, Rabbi Feiner, Rabbi Halpern, and Rabbi Septimus.

L–R: Zezy Fuld, Yitzy Mendlowitz, Jordan Hiller, Richard Altabe, Dr. Norman Blumenthal, Yehuda Klinkowitz, Rabbi Feiner, Rabbi Halpern, and Rabbi Septimus.

What did you do the night of the NFL draft? This past Thursday night, while the NFL teams were picking what they hope to be their all-stars, the North Woodmere community, TOVA, and Rabbi Eytan Feiner, our very own all-star from the White Shul, came together to learn more about a great cause.

It was called “A Night of Inspiration for TOVA” and the name fulfilled its promise on many levels. The night started off with Jordan Hiller, president of The Young Israel of North Woodmere and head of the committee for this event, speaking about how he had come to learn about TOVA only a few months ago at an event he was invited to by Zezy Fuld, director of development of TOVA and friend of Mr. Hiller. “I imagined the feeling of loneliness and hopelessness that some children might have,” Jordan said after attending. “I imagined how horrible it must be to have absolutely no one to talk to while dealing with social anxieties in school or trouble at home. It seemed to me that TOVA really addressed this issue for our community in a brilliantly straightforward way.” Jordan asked, “When can I do an event for TOVA so that I can help out?”

Jordan introduced Zezy as someone who brings tremendous heart to everything he does, whether it be diving for an interception or making sure our children have a brighter future. Zezy then introduced TOVA to the crowd briefly and welcomed the evening’s very special guest speaker, Rabbi Eytan Feiner of the White Shul. In his uniquely energetic, cerebral style, Rabbi Feiner blew the crowd away with a tapestry of Torah, anecdotes, and statistics that came together perfectly to relate a message of achdus. He made clear that while we all count up during the period of sefirah, we are in reality bringing things back to the source. Bringing Shavuos back to Pesach. Bringing ourselves back to who we really are. Rabbi Feiner summed up by referencing the fact that it was the night of the NFL draft. That it was a night when many had football on their minds. “Who needs the NFL draft?” Rabbi Feiner exclaimed. “We have the all-stars right here in this room!” Rabbi Feiner then continued talking about how it’s time for us to return to our roots and come together as a community and unify for a cause, especially a cause that has helped over 100 children in our community weekly in all of our community schools. Bimakom she-ein ish, hishtadel lihiyote a mentor shel TOVA (A place where no one steps up to the plate, you should step up to be a TOVA mentor) and help out in any way you can. The night was very well attended and very uplifting.

Speaking of “stepping up to the plate,” TOVA will be having a Home Run Derby on June 4. If you would like to join or would like more information, contact TOVA at 516-295-0550 or e-mail v

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