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A STEM Summer For Central Girls

Avigail Ziegler with her model of a barrier to protect the Whitehall Ferry station

Avigail Ziegler with her model of a barrier to
protect the Whitehall Ferry station

Over the past few years, national campaigns to interest girls in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) have proliferated and gained traction. Central students are among the vanguard of this movement. Mrs. Ruth Fried reports on the impressive ways in which students have engaged in STEM research this summer:

Junior Bonnie Mendelson, as part of an internship at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, worked on a study of a drug called resveratrol and its effects on age-related insulin resistance and inflammation. Elizabeth Kikov (’16) and Tzippora Chwat (‘16) conducted nephrology research at Einstein as well; their paper will be published in the Austin Nephrology and Hypertension Journal.

Sarah Levovitz (’16) researched liver cells and says she is glad for the opportunity to do this program. In addition to working on data collection for a paper about bone density, junior Hila Baer enjoyed shadowing medical residents at patient clinics. The internship enhanced her knowledge “about how research works and how medicine works” and reinforced her desire to enter the medical or science fields professionally.

Senior Avigail Ziegler enjoyed her STEM internship at Cooper Union, where she focused on civil engineering. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, participants were asked to design flood-prevention equipment.

Senior Shira Hudes participated in two internships this summer, one assisting an Einstein diabetes study, and one teaching visitors about the various exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History. Stephanie Raphael (’15) participated in Hofstra University’s summer science research program, where she applied concepts from computer programming and engineering to the study of psychology. She says she enjoyed seeing how two apparently unrelated fields could be combined to have such practical applications

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