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A Viznitz Chanukah

Viznitz Rebbe, shlita

Virtues of the imperial Viznitz chassidus are widely known and well documented in books and in personal stories of wonder. The Viznitz dynasty’s rich historical lineage harkens back to the holy Ba’al Shem Tov and his closest disciples, all inspirational leaders of Jewish communities. Each Rebbe of Viznitz, in his own time, was a mashpia of spiritual and material plenty, with faithful Jews everywhere finding their place and their peace within the Rebbe’s chassidic courtyard.

The previous Viznitz Rebbe, zt’l, was known the world over as a pillar of strength for his fellow Jews and a model of avodah, tzidkus, and chesed. Many have said that the Rebbe’s presence and fiery spirit is with them in their journeys. With the recent passing of the Rebbe, zt’l, the Viznitz chassidim crowned his son HaRav Menachem Mendel Hager as his successor. He currently serves as the Rebbe of Viznitz, Israel, continuing to provide guidance and a shining light to all Jews drawing on the Viznitz chassidus.

The Rebbe, shlita, has visited the Jewish communities of the Five Towns on multiple occasions over the past few years—including a Shabbos a few years ago—and is well known to the Jews of Lawrence. This time around, the Rebbe is here in an effort of chizuk in the wake of the difficult beginning of winter that had hit the community. The Rebbe has set aside the sixth night of Chanukah (Thursday evening, December 13) as a night of prayer, song, and blessing with the entire Lawrence community.

For the very first time, the Rebbe, shlita, will lead the menorah-lighting services in America. This is a rare occasion, as most Rebbes choose to stay in their own community for Chanukah. The holy Rebbe of Viznitz is here with one goal—to heal aching hearts, to repair broken spirits, to reignite the Jewish inner fire—to light up the winter nights ahead.

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