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Achiezer Seeks Megillah Readers

Last year, Achiezer initiated a kriyas megilah project whereby volunteers were dispatched to read the megilah for anyone who could not make it to shul on Purim. Any individual or small group of people in need of this essential service was encouraged to call Achiezer. Many capable men volunteered to lein the megilah and were cheerfully matched up with homebound residents of Far Rockaway, Bayswater, and the Five Towns, who gratefully welcomed the volunteers into their homes for a personal megilah reading. Yossi Herskovitz, of Yeshiva Darchei Torah’s beis medrash patiently manned the lines, and with the intake seamlessly coordinated by the Achiezer office, more than three dozen requests for a leining were answered! Yossi willingly gives of his time for this special project as a way of honoring the memory of his beloved father, R’ Moshe Herskovitz, z’l, whom the program is in memory of.

Achiezer looks forward to building on last year’s success. If you are a talented young bachur, veteran ba’al koray, or just someone who has time to prepare the megilah before Purim, you have the ability to make a real difference. In the zechus of bringing added simcha on Purim, may your own Purim joy be increased a thousand-fold! To request megilah readings, volunteer, or for any other information or assistance, please call Achiezer at 516-791-4444 or e-mail

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