Achiezer’s Second Annual Tribute Dinner, June 1

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Does it really matter?

It’s the question that just about everybody asks. (Dinner invitations tend to elicit such reactions.)

Does it really matter? I’m so busy . . . and there’s so much going on . . . and it’s not like anyone will miss me if I don’t show up . . . so really, does it matter if I come at all?

It matters.

On June 1, Achiezer will be hosting its sole annual fundraiser—the Second Annual Tribute Dinner at the Sands Atlantic Beach. On this historic evening, our community will join together in support of an organization that operates literally 24/7, 365 days a year; an organization that serves every need of every community member, because every person matters.

Achiezer is built upon that very premise: the premise that every person, and every need, deserves our utmost. Leaking coronary arteries and leaky water pipes; insurance difficulties and job difficulties; behavioral health arrangements and Shabbos meal arrangements—Achiezer helps with them all.

Where else in the world can you find the answer to every problem by simply calling one number? From crisis management to medical recommendations, behavioral health guidance to insurance advocacy, financial management to hospital support, Achiezer’s multifaceted departments ensure that nobody is ever left helpless with nowhere to turn.

On June 1, our community will pay tribute to a group of honorees whose very essence proves just how much each person’s contribution matters.

Dr. Marcel Scheinman, a plastic surgeon who has made himself available to community members during car accidents and emergencies—whether at 2 p.m. and 2 a.m.—represents just one of over 1,000 physicians with whom Achiezer collaborates.

Esther and Yoni Novak, a couple that have touched the lives of thousands of people, represent Achiezer staff members and volunteers who live to give and whose giving brings life to others.

Zev and Leah Bald, whose astute guidance provided the building blocks for Achiezer’s growth, represent our community’s dedication to its ideals: of responsibility towards one another, of chesed, and most of all, of achdus.

The Community Assistance Fund (CAF), the team that partnered with Achiezer and was responsible for the allocation and disbursement of millions of dollars of post-Sandy relief funds, represents the power of teamwork, the power of devotion, and the power of mutual caring.

This singular event promises to be a pivotal evening—an evening that draws our community together like no other. Because Achiezer is a forum that unites our community like no other by giving every single community member the chance to reach out and help another.

Please join us as we celebrate the incredible achievements of an incredible community, on one incredible night. Everyone belongs there. Everyone has a role to play. And everyone matters.

Especially you. v

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