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Amish Cult Leader Ordered Gang of Beard Cutters to Hold down Howling Victims

Following such assaults one of the attackers  would then pose holding up the hair as another follower snapped photos with a  disposable camera.

The alleged incidents are considered deeply  offensive in Amish culture as the beard is considered a symbol of manhood and  faith.

Prosecutors claim Mullet was motivated by  religious disagreements between Amish bishops and his group, which has been  described as being like a ‘cult’.

The trial is expected to hear details about  Mullet’s supposed domination of 18 families living in their isolated settlement  near Bergholz, Ohio.

Support: Members of the Amish listened to testimony at the U.S. Federal Courthouse Tuesday of how members of Samuel Mullet Sr’s ‘cult’ set upon their victims, cutting off their beards as they howled in pain

Dissent among the ranks: Amish women turned out in support as U.S. prosecutors explained how the 16 attackers waved the cut hair like trophies and took photos

Court documents already filed claim  he had  kept followers for weeks in chicken coops to ‘cleanse’ them of  sinful thoughts  and counselled women on how to be ‘sexually satisfied’  before sleeping with  them.

During the opening of the trial in Cleveland,  Assistant U.S. Attorney Bridget  M. Brennan said that ‘every one of these  attacks targeted those symbols  of Amish righteousness’.

She said some suspects kept the hair they  cut, and one defendant took along a disposable camera to take  pictures.

She presented one photo to jurors,  saying it  showed a suspect holding an Amish bishop on the night some  defendants broke  into his house and cut his beard.

Ms Brennan said: ‘They wanted to see the  trophies they collected’.

Court affidavits already filed give  more  lurid details – Mullet supposedly had ‘acts of sexual intimacy’  with married  women and forced adults to hit each other up with wooden  planks.

Prosecutors  have also alleged that Mullet  ‘exerted control over the Bergholz  community by taking the wives of other men  into his home, and by  overseeing various means of disciplining community  members, including  corporal punishment.’

Source: Daily Mail


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