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Anonymous Claims Hack of Israeli Vice Prime Minister’s Twitter Account

Hacker collective Anonymous indicated they had hacked Israeli Vice Prime Minister’s Silvan Shalom’s Twitter account Monday evening. Judging by a series of tweets shortly after the announcement, it appears they have. Tweets to follow:


RT @DBCOOPA: The Vice Prime Minister of Israel Twitter Hacked | | #OpIsrael #Anonymous #LULZ |

  20 Nov 12

Do not believe the media. They are controlled by the global elite. We think for ourselves. We see the lies. We see the truth. #FREEPALESTINE

Benjamin Netanyahu is a Zionist murdering power crazed psychopath, supported by global psychopathic political elite. #FREEPALESTINE #GAZA

The hack appears to be part of #OpIsrael, Anonymous’ aggressive campaign against the Israeli government and Israeli websites that began as a response to Israel’s Operation : Pillar of Defense. In the short time that both operations have been taking place, Anonymous has claimed to have DDoS’d or defaced or outright penetrated over 500 Israeli websites as Palestinian casualties continue to mount from Israel’s continued bombardment of militant targets in the Gaza strip.

It appears that at least one Anonymous affiliated hacker crew is claiming that much more has been compromised than Shalom’s Twitter profile.

We don’t just have his fb, We have his emails, we have his email contacts, docs, Zine will be published tomorrow #OpIsrael #Freepalestine

UPDATE: Hacker group ZCompanyHackingCrew (ZHC) posted this screenshot of Shalom’s Facebook page in the last few minutes:

#Israel‘s Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom’s Facebook #OpIsrael

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