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Arabs with Explosives Arrested at IDF Samaria HQ

Two Palestinian Authority Arabs armed with an improvised explosive device were arrested Monday at the entrance to the Samaria Regional Brigade headquarters. The suspects were arrested by a Nahal Brigade force that was in the region.

According to the IDF Website’s Florit Shoihet, the suspects were the ones who told the soldiers that they possessed an explosive device. The soldiers then searched the suspect’s belongings and found the improvised explosive device, which IDF sappers detonated in a controlled manner. The suspects were subsequently interrogated by security forces.

So far, it is unclear whether the suspects belong to a terror organization, but they said that they had been sent to the Samaria Regional Brigade. The initial investigation indicated that they came from Shechem, which is near the site of the incident.

Two Arabs armed with explosive device arrested as they tried to enter the Samaria Regional Brigade headquarters.

Last month, suspected terrorists were arrested in eastern Jerusalem, armed with weapons including two explosive devices and improvised rifles. In another event last month, a bag filled with pipe bombs was found and safely detonated near the Hashmonaim checkpoint.

Source: Arutz Sheva

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