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Aryeh Kunstler Lights Up MAY’s Chanukah Mesibah!

This past Monday, the second day of Chanukah, Mesivta Ateres Yaakov held its annual yeshiva-wide Chanukah mesibah—an event that combined limud haTorah with exciting, fun, and enjoyable ruach-filled, student-centered activities. As usual, the school-wide mesibah is in addition to the individual class mesibos hosted by individual rebbeim for their classes.

Following a morning of learning, the yeshiva’s nearly 200 talmidim came together for a special buffet lunch and an inspiring Chanukah dvar Torah by senior Moshe Losev. Talmidim then eagerly competed with each other in an entertaining and challenging game of “Chanukah Wheel of Torah,” orchestrated by Rabbi Shlomo Drebin, the yeshiva’s director of student activities. The competition, split up by grades, challenged the talmidim’s knowledge in various areas of Chanukah. The enthusiasm was palpable and tension rose as freshmen and sophomores challenged the older juniors and seniors. When the dust settled, the twelfth grade emerged victorious and, as a reward, will enjoy a free breakfast during the school’s upcoming annual midwinter ski trip.

However, the excitement and fun was only just beginning! The popular Jewish music sensation Aryeh Kunstler and his band led the MAY talmidim in a stirring kumzits and exhilarating concert. What ensued was an “electrifying” event. Beginning with some classics to help get the boys into the mood, eventually the walls were shaking and the tables and chairs rattling, as talmidim broke into leibidik dancing in the spirit of the day.

“Our talmidim learn and work hard,” commented the menahel, Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe, “but ruach-filled events such as these are important to building a well-rounded ben Torah, and they energize us all to redouble our efforts.”

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