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As Nuclear Talks Fail, Israel to Upgrade Relations With Iran Neighbor Azerbaijan

ISDEF military expo. Photo: Israel Pictures.

ISDEF military expo. Photo: Israel Pictures.

Azerbaijani military leaders plan to visit Israel in June, in order to attend an international arms exhibition, a move which suggests strengthening ties with the Kavkazi state, Israel’s Ch. 2 News said Tuesday.

The head of the Azerbaijani National Guard; Special Forces Command, and Defense Ministry officials decided to send an official delegation to the upcoming ISDEF military trade show, an international defense exhibition to be held in Tel Aviv in June.

This is the first time that such a high-level delegation will be in Israel, which attributes major strategic importance to bilateral relations with Iran’s neighbor.

Recently-planned attacks by Iranian and Hezbollah terror cells prompted the defense establishment to upgrade equipment and training for its Special Forces, and the visit to the upcoming ISDEF military trade show.

The planned visit comes after Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon made a surprise trip to Azerbaijan in mid September, marking the first high-level state visit to the Muslim-majority nation.

“I’m happy to visit here on the first and historical visit of an Israeli defense minister in Azerbaijan,” Ya’alon said in Baku. “Cooperation between the countries is flourishing. There are strategic relations between the countries, and cooperation in a number of fields.”

During the visit, the DM opened the Israeli booth at an arms convention, and met with the country’s small Jewish minority.

Ya’alon met with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov, Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov, and other senior officials, the Israeli Defense Ministry said.

Yaalon in Azerbaijan. Photo: Defense Ministry.

Israeli defense and arms makers see a big potential in Azerbaijan, as seen in the large number of companies and Israeli visitors to the ADEX exhibition, the first defense exhibition held in Baku.

Despite allegations, “Iran’s accusations that Azerbaijan is helping Israel spy on the Islamic Republic are James Bond fantasies,” Rafael Harpaz, Israel’s ambassador to Azerbaijan, told The Algemeiner in October.

In the exclusive interview, Harpaz and Elin Suleymanov, the Republic of Azerbaijan’s ambassador to the U.S., addressed various claims by Iran regarding Azerbaijan’s involvement in Israeli efforts to thwart Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran, Azerbaijan’s neighbor to its south, has repeatedly accused the the Azeris of allowing their territory to be used by Israeli intelligence operatives, according to The Jerusalem Post. In August, Iran also claimed it shot down an Israeli-made drone spying on its nuclear activity that it said took off from Azerbaijan.

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Source:: The Algemeiner

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  1. Moishela

    November 25, 2014 at 12:00 pm

    Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
    A Handicapped child
    3 Cheshvan 5775 (Oct 26, ’14)

    “The Noose Is Getting Tighter”

    The world has absolutely gone mad, absolutely mad. Murder, accidents,weather related deaths, riots, plagues, Mamash a very scary world. Every day something new. Every day something more bloody. Every day more and more deaths. Every day we become more and more frightened.

    The noose is getting tighter and tighter around us, and the worst part about it is that no one seems to feel it except a very few. Very few people feel it at all.Either they don’t want to feel it so they ignore it, or they are really in some very strong daze or under some kind of drug that keeps them from seeing what is happening. It doesn’t even have to be medication, although I would imagine that in the western world at least 50% of the people are on some kind of psychiatric medication. They drug themselves on Gashmius, on materialism so they won’t know, so they won’t feel, so…