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Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky Looks Into Woodmere Needs

Assemblyman-elect Kaminsky and residents confer at an LIRR station

Assemblyman-elect Kaminsky and residents confer at an LIRR station

On November 14, Todd Kaminsky, our newly elected state assemblyman, met with residents of Woodmere to discuss the need for the LIRR to construct a walkway or overpass across the LIRR tracks, further down from the Woodmere train station.

The Woodmere community is attractive to many families as it offers convenient transportation to Manhattan, an abundance of synagogue options, and the vibrancy of a young suburban community.

There is, however, one significant obstacle to the ebb and flow of this lively community. The LIRR train tracks are conveniently situated right through the heart of the community, offering access to those living on both the southern and northern sides of Woodmere. However, there is no passageway from one side to the other from Woodmere Boulevard all the way until Prospect Avenue—a 0.5-mile distance. This creates a dual problem as it prevents commuters needing to catch the opposite-side train from crossing the track until reaching Woodmere Boulevard, and it prevents Sabbath-observant adults traveling on foot from conveniently accessing their neighbors on the other side of the tracks without taking a circuitous route. A walkway would also help prevent commuters from being tempted to cross the tracks while the warning gates are down.

A petition on this issue is available at

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