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At least 20 OWS Protestors Arrested Ahead of One-Year Anniversary as They Plan for Massive March on NYSE

Around 20 people were arrested tonight in New York as those observing the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street again descended upon Lower Manhattan, the birthplace of the movement.

More than 300 people participated in the march, brandishing signs bashing the greed of financial giants like Goldman Sachs, and clashed with the NYPD.

Police patrolled the crowd Saturday and took at least a dozen people into custody near Trinity Church, which borders Zuccotti Park.

Police confirmed they made arrests but did not have the total number, as the arrests were still happening. However, Susan Howard, the chapter coordinator for the National Lawyers Guild confirmed to theNew York Daily News that at least 20 had been taken into police custody.

Taken away: As many as 20 people were arrested Saturday as Occupy Wall Street marks its first anniversary on Monday with events throughout the weekend

Earlier in the day, protesters gathered in Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, and headed south down Broadway, chanting things like ‘F*** the police!’

They finally ended at Zuccotti Park, at which point the group then thinned out. The march was the first of three days of planned events, though the official anniversary date is Monday.

Occupy Wall Street’s protest against economic disparity eventually spread to other parts of the country and world.

However, the movement has remained long-dormant after it failed to maintain momentum and faced strict opposition from New York’s law enforcement officials.

The group, which popularized the phrase ‘We are the 99 per cent,’ will attempt to surround the New York Stock Exchange and disrupt morning rush hour in the financial district, according to a movement spokeswoman.

Monday’s protests will cap a weekend of Occupy Wall Street seminars, music and demonstrations in New York, said Linnea Paton, 24, an OWS spokeswoman. Demonstrations are also planned in other U.S. cities, other OWS organizers said.

The grassroots movement caught the world by surprise last fall with a spontaneous encampment in lower Manhattan that soon spread to cities across North America and Europe.

Occupy Wall Street briefly revived a long-dormant spirit of U.S. social activism, and drew enduring attention to economic injustice.

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