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Award-Winning Faculty At DRS

Rabbi Dani Cooper

Rabbi Dani Cooper

Rabbi Dani Cooper. For the third straight year, a DRS faculty member has been awarded the prestigious Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award for Excellence in Jewish Education. DRS congratulates ninth grade rebbe Rabbi Dani Cooper on receiving this distinguished honor. Over his six years in DRS, Rabbi Cooper has become an immensely popular rebbe, mostly due to his incredibly warm personality as well as his energetic and enthusiastic approach to teaching. Rabbi Cooper is known throughout DRS as an expert on inculcating modern day technology into his exciting Gemara and halacha lessons while constantly pushing the envelope in his teaching approach to create an educational experience that is relevant to high school students. A highlight of Rabbi Cooper’s shiur every year is the online chavruta program he has helped facilitate, which pairs his students with contemporaries across the country in YULA High School in Los Angeles to study Torah topics together and share perspectives. Not only is he well respected by his peers, but he is also regularly consulted by fellow faculty members on best practices in pedagogy as well as technology integration. He leads by example, modeling his practice for any colleague who would like to observe. Rabbi Cooper is a scholar, an expert teacher, and a skilled relationship builder whose love for his students shines through in all that he does. The Grinspoon-Steinhardt awards are designed to recognize teachers in communities across North America who have made a unique commitment to the field of Jewish education, and Rabbi Cooper’s honor is certainly well deserved.

Mr. Doni Joszef. DRS congratulates Mr. Doni Joszef on his selection as one of this year’s “36 under 36” list by the Jewish Week. Each year, the Jewish Week’s “36 Under 36” section has honored young people who have made great contributions to the Jewish community and life. Doni, a graduate of DRS, now serves as a member of the school’s guidance department. As soon as he joined the guidance team two years ago, he proved to be a tremendous asset to the yeshiva. As a licensed social worker, Doni uses both his vast knowledge of his field, along with his charming personality, to connect to students. He initiated “The Positive Project,” a unique anti-bullying program using video and print media to address bullying among students. Doni has an incredibly insightful and keen mind, which allows him to easily get to the root of any issue that a student may be having, and his warm and humorous demeanor causes students to gravitate towards him. His superb writing skills are featured on his blog, Deficit of Attention, and regularly in the Five Town Jewish Times where he discusses his thoughts on various issues confronting our community. He recently began studying in an online doctoral program in media psychology at Fielding University. v

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