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Berlin Travels To SKA

SKA girls with friends from Berlin

SKA girls with friends from Berlin

For the past four years, the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls, in partnership with NCSY and under the inspiring leadership of SKA chesed coordinator Mrs. Leah Pariser Falik, has sent a number of sophomores and juniors to the Lauder Yeshurun Midrasha in Berlin, Germany, to celebrate Purim with the Orthodox community and the students there, in a program called JEWL.

On Sunday, August 22, the roles were reversed. A group of JEWL girls from Berlin came to America as part of an outreach program and spent the day at SKA. The program started with a delicious brunch, and all the girls had the opportunity to spend time together and get to know each other. For some SKAers who had been to Berlin, it was a delightful reunion. Chavruta learning on the topic of “You get what you get and you don’t get upset” was further explored in an engaging shiur by Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone, former head of the Long Island region of NCSY, who has been closely involved with the program.

The SKA and JEWL students then sorted into groups and went to Central Avenue in Cedarhurst to buy supplies for an important chessed project, creating packages of supplies for children living in southern Israel. During Operation Protective Edge, these families were unable to leave their homes to purchase items like coloring books or puzzles; the packages showed our support during those dangerous days.

This inspiring event was a great success! Girls from both the Midrasha and SKA commented on how much appreciation they gained from each other and how similar they all really were even though they seemed so different at first. Thanks go to Mrs. Avital Braun and Mrs. Leah Pariser Falik for planning this wonderful day of kiruv and chesed.

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