Breakfast Cereals and Brachos

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The Cereal Brachos List

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman

 7 Whole Grain Flakes  Mezonos-al HaMichya

7 Whole Grain Nuggets  Mezonos-al HaMichya

7 Whole Grain Puffs Ha’Adama-Borei Nefashos

All Bran – Bran Buds Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

All Bran – Original Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

All Bran Complete Oat Bran Flakes  Mezonos-al HaMichya

All Bran Complete Wheat Bran Flakes  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Alpha Bits  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Apple Jacks  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Apple Zings  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Autumn Wheat  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Banana Nut Crunch  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Basic 4  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Blueberry Muffin Tops  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Bran Flakes  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Bunch -O- Krunch Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Cap ‘N Crunch Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Cap ‘N Crunch – Crunch Berries Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Cap ‘N Crunch – Peanut Butter Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Cheerios –  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Cheerios – Banana Nut Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Cheerios – Chocolate Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Cheerios – Cinnamon Burst Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Cheerios – Fruity Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Cheerios – Yogurt Burst  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Cheerios (Apple Cin, Frosted, Honey Nut, Multigrain, Oat Cluster Crunch)  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Chex – (Rice Cinnamon)  Mezonos-Borei Nefashos

Chex (Chocolate, Cinnamon)  Mezonos-Borei Nefashos

Chex (Corn, Honey-Nut, Multi-Bran) Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Chex- Wheat  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Chocolate O’s  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Cinnabon Crunchy Cinnamon Cereal  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Cinnamon Toast Crunch, All types  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Cocoa Krispies  Mezonos-Borei Nefashos

Cocoa Munchees Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Cocoa Pebbles  Mezonos-Borei Nefashos

Cocoa Puffs Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Colossal Crunch Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Cookie Crisp Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Corn Flakes Ha’Adama-Borei Nefashos

Corn Pops (U.S.) Ha’Adama-Borei Nefashos

Cracklin’ Oat Bran  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Crispix – All  Mezonos-And Ha’Adama-Borei Nefashos

Crispy Rice  Mezonos-Borei Nefashos

Crunchy Corn Bran Equipment Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Crunchy Nut – Golden Honey Nut Flakes Ha’Adama-Borei Nefashos

Crunchy Nut – Roasted Nut & Honey O’s Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Dyno-Bites (Cocoa, Fruity)  Mezonos-Borei Nefashos

Fiber One  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Froot Loops  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Frosted Flakes Ha’Adama-Borei Nefashos

Fruit Harvest- Strawberry Blueberry  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Fruit Loops  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Fruit Whirls  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Fruity Pebbles  Mezonos-Borei Nefashos

Go Lean (Original) Ha’Adama-Borei Nefashos

Go Lean Crisp!  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Go Lean Crunch!  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Golden Crisp  Mezonos-Or Ha’Adama-Borei Nefashos

Golden Grahams  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Good Friends Ha’Adama-Borei Nefashos

Grape Nuts  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Great Grains (Cranberry Almond Crunch, Crunchy Pecans, Raisins Dates & Pecans)  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Heart to Heart (All)  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Honey Bunches of Oats  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Honey Bunch of Oats (W/ Strawberries, Vanilla Bunches, Cinnamon Bunches, Pecan Bunches)  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Honey Bunches of Oats (Honey Roasted, Raisin Medley, W/ Almonds, W/ Peaches,)  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Honey Frosted Crunch  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Honey Nut Cheerios  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Honey Nut Clusters  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Honey Nut Scooters  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Honey Nut Toasted Oats  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Honey Rice  Mezonos-Borei Nefashos

Honey Smacks  Mezonos-Or Ha’Adama-Borei Nefashos

Honeycomb Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Honeycomb-Cinna-Graham Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Kashi (Whole Grain Puffs, Go Lean, Good Friends) Ha’Adama-Borei Nefashos

Kashi  (Go Lean Krisps, and all rest) Mezonos-al HaMichya

Kwllog’s Krave Mezonos-al HaMichya

Kemach Bran Flakes  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Kemach Corn Flakes Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Kemach Crispy Rice  Mezonos-Borei Nefashos

Kix (Original, Berry Berry) Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Krave Mezonos-al HaMichya

Life (Original)  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Lowfat Granola with Raisins  Mezonos-Or Ha’Adama-Borei Nefashos

Lowfat Granola without Raisins  Mezonos-Or Ha’Adama-Borei Nefashos

Maple Pecan Crunch  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Mueslix  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Multi Grain Cheerios  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Multi Grain Squares  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Oatmeal Crisp (All)  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Oatmeal Squares  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Oh’s Mezonos-al HaMichya

Pops ##

Product 19  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Puffed Rice  Mezonos-Borei Nefashos

Puffins (Original, Cinnamon, Peanut Butter) Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Purely O’s  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Quaker’s Crisp Rice  Mezonos-Borei Nefashos

Raisin Bran  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Raisin Bran Crunch  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Raisin Nut Bran  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Reese’s Puffs Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Rice Chex Mezonos-Borei Nefashos

Rice Krispies  Mezonos-Borei Nefashos

Shredded Oats  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Shredded Spoonful  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Shredded Wheat (Honey Nut, Original, Spoon Size, Wheat ‘N Bran)  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Smart Start  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Special K (Chocolatey Delight, Fruit and Yogurt))  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Special K (Cinnamon Pecan, Multigrain Oats and Honey))  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Special K (Original)  Mezonos-Borei Nefashos

Special K with Berries Mezonos-al HaMichya

Strawberry Fields  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Sugar Frosted Flakes Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Sugar Puffed Wheat  Mezonos-Or Ha’Adama-Borei Nefashos

Toasted Oats  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Toasty O’s (All)  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Tootie Fruities  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Total (All)  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Trix Shehakol-Borei Nefashos

Waffle Crisp  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Wheaties  Mezonos-al HaMichya

Whole Wheat Flakes  Mezonos-al HaMichyacereal

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