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Café Chabad: Need A Good Laugh?

Don’t settle for another boring motzaei Shabbos. On Saturday night, January 5 at 8:00 p.m., Chabad of the Five Towns invites everyone to enjoy an entertaining night featuring the brilliant comedy of Joel Chasnoff. Joel’s comedy, a mix of personal anecdotes and keen observational humor, is centered on the theme of the absurdity of modern American life.

Joel is not your grandfather’s Jewish comedian. With humor that’s clever, sharp, and never degrading, Joel’s comedy is a 180-degree turn from the Borscht Belt comics of old. Audiences from across the spectrum, from U.S. marines stationed at Okinawa to the rebbes of Lubavitch yeshivas, find Joel’s comedy smart, witty, and—most importantly—hilarious.

The night will also feature a delicious dairy pasta, salads, and sushi bar. The chairpersons for the evening are Josh and Naomi Abehsera, Victor and Chana Braverman, Ranon and Rachel Bruckenstein, Adam and Sarit Kramer, and Moti and Elke Probkevitz. There is a $30 admission fee and RSVP is appreciated. Please call 516-295-2478 or visit to reserve your spot.

Chabad news update. Check out Chabad’s website for Israel mission trip information. You are welcome to join on day trips. Please call the office at 516-295-2478.

For your end-of-year donation to help support Chabad of the Five Towns, please visit v

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