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Can You Guess Where This Room Is Located?

Can you guess where this room is located? Is it a dormitory, is it hotel? well, its on the New Boeing 747-8 Business Class

Boeing has  just delivered its first ever 747 Aeroloft, which has a separate cabin with sleeping quarters for eight people.

The innovation adds nearly 400 square feet onto the Boeing Business Jet 747-8, which was already designed as a highly-customized luxury airliner. 

The Aeroloft has eight private sleeping berths, as well as a changing room.

The new amenity is meant to give passengers comfort and space as they snooze on their long-haul flights around the world.

The sleeping cabin is located above the main deck of the 747, between the upper deck and the tail of the plane.

The first Aeroloft-equipped plane took off from the  Boeing Global Transport & Executive Systems in Wichita, Kansas, last week.

It headed for Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg, Germany, where even more luxury accommodations will be installed.

Two other Aeroloft 747s have been ordered and are scheduled for delivery this year.

The modification brings the cabin space of the plane to 5,179 square feet, more than the massive Airbus A380, the largest passenger plane in the world.

Boeing did not disclose the price of the new jetliner — though typical 747-8 aircraft cost $350million — without any of the luxury add-ons.

Nine heads of state have ordered the heavily-modified Boeing Business Jet 747-8 aircraft to ferry them around the world.
Source: The Daily Mail

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