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Career Criminal Shot and Killed by Undercover Cops as they Took Alleged Drug Dealer into Custody

A pair of undercover NYPD cops shot and killed a career criminal in Queens last night after the man pointed a pellet gun at them as they took an alleged drug dealer into custody, law-enforcement sources said.

The officers were wrapping up a drug buy-and-bust arrest at Seneca and Gates Avenues in Ridgewood around 10:45 p.m. when Victor Santos, 42, exited a livery cab and ran across the street toward them, sources said.

Santos pulled out what appeared to be a Glock 19 semiautomatic handgun and pointed it at the officers after the handcuffed drug suspect told Santos he was getting booked. Both cops fired a total of six shots at Santos, who was hit three times in the leg and torso and later declared dead at Wyckoff Hospital.

Sources said his weapon was later discovered to be a pellet gun.

The incident was the cops’ first police-involved shooting and both had their shields out.

“I was watching TV’s ‘Law and Order: SVU’ and I heard four to five shots ring out,” said nearby resident David Treutly. “When I went outside, there were eight to 10 plainclothes talking together, and at least 14 cop cars showed up. I saw the guy lying on the sidewalk. He was motionless when he was put into the ambulance.”

Santos had 39 prior raps against him for charges including assault, trespassing, and robbery, most of them from Florida.

The arrested man told investigators that he recognized Santos by face but did not know who he was.

The incident took place near a rowdy tavern named The Blue Bar, where patrons had gathered to watch the Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Manny Pacquiao fight.

Source: NYPD

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