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Central HS Explores Heroism

Young Olim Enjoy  A Taste Of Israel Some young new olim who made aliyah to Israel from the U.S. this past summer with the help of Nefesh B’Nefesh, the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and Keren Kayemet L’Israel celebrated Chanukah at a special Nefesh B’Nefesh gathering in Modi’in. At the event, these young olim, ages 3 to 10, tasted their first Israeli sufganiah (jelly doughnut), played for the first time with Israeli dreidels that represent the words “a great miracle happened here,” and enjoyed lots of chocolate gelt (coins).

An IDF delegation visits Central High School (YUHSG)

Heroes come in many forms—some are famous, some ordinary, some recognized, and some unspoken. Last week, Central’s talented programming team launched a monthlong project to pay tribute to the varied forms of heroism that we see around us every day. To introduce the thematic explorations of heroism, Ms. Miriam Borenstein spoke to the student body about Eliyahu HaNavi and his message that each one of us can be someone else’s hero.

After a moving video, students heard from Mrs. Joni Liwerant, mother of hero Uriel, z’l, who died in an IDF training accident while helping his fellow officers. The family is working with the Gush Museum to dedicate a room in his honor as a testament to his love of the land of Israel and the Gush, and Central will be raising funds in Uriel’s memory. That afternoon, Central was honored to host a delegation of 11 soldiers from the IDF, past and present, each with a unique perspective to share. After a communal Minchah and a general introduction from the soldiers, students heard the more detailed stories of three chayalim in small classroom presentations.

In the wake of successful Shabbaton sessions in which teachers shared personal experiences with groups of students, the “My Hero” lunch series began as teachers and students volunteered to spend their lunch periods together hearing about the faculty’s personal heroes. Central will continue to engage in programming around this theme throughout the month of Kislev. Homerooms will be watching and discussing relevant film clips with their classmates, and they will also learn together in a special beit midrash series for Chanukah. Central students are eagerly anticipating two upcoming Interdisciplinary Days as well. Two instructors—one from Judaic studies and one from general studies—will “team teach” a lesson about heroism, bringing together Torah u’Madda in original and readily perceivable ways.

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