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Chabad Of Hewlett’s New Tefillin Club

The Chabad of Hewlett called the community together to offer prayers Sunday morning, in memory of those who were killed in Israel, for the speedy recovery of those wounded, and for lasting peace.

“With Israel under attack, a call to action is needed,” says Rabbi Nochem Tenenboim in response to the violence and killings in Israel. “We have been in touch with the Chabad community in Kiryat Malachi [where Gazan missiles landed] and have offered our support and prayers.”

For many people that came to the Sunday morning meeting, it was a time to show solidarity as Jews as well as offer spiritual support for those in Israel. “We had some really lively discussion about the current events, but we also took some time to reflect on the events.”

“The Talmud teaches us that in times of danger there is a great need for unity and prayer, especially the mitzvah of tefillin,” said Rabbi Tenenboim.

“Tefillin is especially important for the security of the Jewish people.” Several men put on tefillin as part of their prayer. It was a very intense and satisfying feeling for them,” said Tenenboim.

The group decided that they would like to meet again. Rabbi Tenenboim agreed. “Part of the prayer included putting on tefillin. One man brought the tefillin he received on his bar mitzvah and never wore,” said Tenenboim.

Tenenboim says that the Chabad of Hewlett will continue to host the Tefillin Club every Sunday morning at 9:00 at their new location near the Hewlett train station. Everyone in the community is welcome regardless of affiliation. A light breakfast is served. For more information visit

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