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Chanukah Events At SKA

Mrs. Pauline Aharon and 12th-grader Shira at SKA’s Tefilat Chagigit

Chanukah spirit filled with achdus and simcha swept through the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls all this week. Each day featured special events, ranging from Chanukah breakfasts held at faculty members’ homes to chesed opportunities beginning with a carnival for Otzar and visits to the Masbia soup kitchen and Bobbie’s Place in Brooklyn.

The keynote event, tefila chagigis, held on Monday, December 10, started the week off in a meaningful way. Under the direction of Mrs. Elisheva Kaminetsky, director of religious guidance, and SKA’s tefila task force, recently renamed TTYL (Turning Tefila INTO Your Life), the ninth and tenth grades davened together in the gymnasium where Mrs. Rochel Chafetz introduced the new SKA Hallel nusach. The eleventh and twelfth grades were joined by their mothers, watched a student-produced video focusing on “The Miracles in Our Lives,” and, of course, sang the new SKA Hallel nusach. A joint mother-daughter dvar Torah was especially moving for all. It was a beautiful way to begin an inspirational week.

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