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Could This Bullet-Proof Revolving Door really Prevent Another School Shooting?

A Washington-based company says it has the  answer to every parent’s worst nightmare in the aftermath of the elementary  school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.

It’s a metal detector, an X-ray machine, a  bullet-proof barricade and an armed guard all at once called the ‘Linear  Revolving Door’ by Barbecan Security Systems, LLC.

The newly-patented technology is designed to  stop gunmen in their tracks and literally eject them from a building without a  single person falling into harm’s way.

A computer-animated image shows how a revolving door  security system functions by creating a detection chamber for guns and explosive  devices

A computer-animated image shows how a revolving door security system functions by creating a detection chamber for guns and explosive devices

As schools across the nation search  for  stronger security measures in the aftermath of the Connecticut  shooting that  killed 20 children and six adults, Barbecan is billing its new technology as the  safest way to seal a building from outside  threats.

‘A guard at a building entrance won’t stop a  determined and well armed attacker – especially if they have  suicidal  motivations,’ the company says in a statement announcing its  first approved  patent. ‘The LRD portal WILL NOT let an armed gunman  enter a building.   Period.’

The technology, meant to serve as a  building’s entrance, consists of a long hallway that contains two sliding  doors.

The doors open one at a time  according to  the real-time pace and flow of pedestrian traffic, as  determined by sensors in  the floor.

‘The [doors] robotically follow their pace as  they walk,’ the company said. ‘If the pedestrian walks quickly, the portal door  panels move quickly.  If they walk slowly, the portal  operates  slowly.’

Both doors are never open at the same time.  Once a person has walked past the first door they enter a  detection chamber  where they are scanned for weapons and explosive  devices. If no threat is  present, the flow of traffic is uninterrupted.

If a threat is identified, however,  the  second door – made of bulletproof Kevlar and polycarbonate – remains closed and  then backs up toward the person and literally pushes them  out of the  building.

The idea for the technology was born  out of  the 2007 mass shooting at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia,  in which a  single gunman, 23-year-old Seung-Hui Cho, shot and killed 32  people and wounded  17 others in two separate attacks.

‘Gun control is not the answer,’ the  Barbecan said.  ‘The installed base of potent weapons is just too  large.  To prevent another mass shooting like Newtown, Columbine, or  Virginia Tech, a new solution is needed.’

Barbecan takes its name from a  fortified  gate that was used in medieval times on castles and walled  cities to protect  against enemies.

In addition to the revolving door technology,  the company has a separate, similar device for scanning  baggage.

It advertises the technology for use  at  schools, airports, military bases, government buildings, shopping  malls,  hotels, movie theaters and other buildings that have high  pedestrian  traffic.

The company applied for patents in  the U.S.  and U.K. in 2008 and its first patent for both the revolving  door technology  and the baggage scanner is being issued this month.

‘Incidents of suicide bombers and  gunmen  killing large numbers of innocent people are happening more  frequently in  recent years,’ the company says. ‘We aim to mitigate this  escalation.’

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