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Creating Achdut At DRS

Fostering achdut at DRS

Fostering achdut at DRS

Stop any student in the halls of DRS and ask him to describe DRS’s mission in one word, and he will inevitably say “achdut.” DRS prides itself on building an environment in its school where every student feels like an important part of his class, and one in which everyone in the school gets along with each other. To that end, DRS focuses many of its extracurricular programs on establishing that sense of chevrah and camaraderie. On the very first Shabbos as a DRS student, the freshmen are taken to Camp Kaylie for their freshman Shabbaton. In addition, throughout the year, DRS holds various “mini-shabbatons” for its students. This past Shabbos, the ninth grade had its “mini-shabbaton” in Woodmere. Students living in the neighborhood made sure that those students who live in Queens, Brooklyn, and West Hempstead had a place to stay. On Friday night, the entire grade joined together at a tisch at DRS menahel Rabbi Kaminetsky’s house. The tisch was highlighted by lively singing, divreiTorah, cholent, kugel, and great company. Throughout Shabbos, students were invited to meals at their rebbes’ homes. On Shabbos afternoon, freshman Josh Weiner hosted a grade-wide seudahshelishet at his home. These programs certainly make every student feel a part of the DRS family from the very beginning.

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