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Crowds celebrate Hamas ‘victory’ in Gaza streets

Palestinians in Gaza celebrate cease-fire Photo: REUTERS

Palestinians in Gaza celebrate cease-fire Photo: REUTERS

Senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar on Tuesday appeared on the streets of the Gaza Strip for the first time since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge to declare celebrations over the “victory” against Israel.

Zahar said that the Palestinians would build their own airport and seaport without asking for anyone’s permission.

“If they attack our airport and seaport, we will attack theirs,” Zahar told Hamas supporters. “We struck the theory of Israeli national security and managed to deter them without being deterred ourselves.” Zahar called for “copying” the Gaza experience in the West Bank and Jerusalem in order to prepare for the “project of liberation.”

He said that Hamas was now facing two tasks; first, to rebuild all the houses that were destroyed and, second, to show that the Palestinians are capable of targeting any part of Israel. ‭‮

via The Jerusalem Post

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One Response to Crowds celebrate Hamas ‘victory’ in Gaza streets

  1. Lynne

    August 26, 2014 at 5:03 pm

    ooooh! And they’re off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tsk! Tsk! They will learn…… their words and actions will definitely have reactions…..and I am sure not what they expect……