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DA Zugibe: Family of Child Slapped Unwilling to Cooperate in Case

SPRING VALLEY –  Rockland County’s district attorney says the family of the child allegedly slapped by a rabbi is unwilling to cooperate in the case. District Attorney Thomas Zugibe says the family is making its case against Rabbi Meilech Spitzer difficult.

Spitzer, the principal at United Talmudical Academy in Spring Valley, is accused of slapping a boy across the face numerous times. The boy allegedly had done some damage to the school bathroom.

Spitzer is charged with assault and endangering the welfare of a child. Zugibe says his case needs a firsthand account from a family member of the victim or someone with direct knowledge of what happened. If the district attorney’s office cannot obtain this within 60 days, the charges will be dropped. School officials told News 12 they had no one available to comment on the case.

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2 Responses to DA Zugibe: Family of Child Slapped Unwilling to Cooperate in Case

  1. Yoily

    February 27, 2013 at 12:14 pm

    Prosecute the parents. Thats not love to a child, thats HATE to your own child. this child will grow up to hate you for not protecting him!


  2. Sherree

    February 27, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    We are created b’zelem elokim. We, the adults are role models for the children. We the adult role models are supposed to model the appropriate positive behavior as a Ben or bas melech, royalty, as we stand 24/7 in front of Melech Malchey Hamelachim.

    It is high time inappropriate behavior is reported to the authorities. Laws are in place for very good reasons and that is to keep our children safe! Physically and emotionally. While we work so hard to teach our children Torah, mitzvos and midos. Others sabotage our sincere efforts and shove our children off the derech while forcing the community to respect them as they do this.

    Let us open our eyes to our responsibilities and obligations to our children. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR. So lets stop making excuses for all these “chashuv” adults who act so in appropriately. Stop protecting them, stop supporting them and stop excusing them. They would never accept an excuse from a child for this same behavior so why do they get a free pass?

    Don’t be foolish think about what Tikyn Olam means to you. You can’t fix what is wrong outside your daled Amos if you don’t first fix what is wrong within it. Don’t go blaming others for the tzores in the world when you ignore the sickness and monstrosities within our kehilos. Hashem is on call 24/7. He doesn’t take coffee breaks nor does he go out to lunch. He knows and sees everything. He is watching us. He is NOT laughing when we blame others for his wrath before we clean house. He is crying, but then he sends us another syman to nudge us into reality.

    Some of us get it. Some not so much. How many symanim or makos will it take for K’lal Yisroel to wake up and do true teshuva?