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Death to Churches Under Islam: A Study of the Coptic Church

Raymond Ibrahim:

Christians throughout the Islamic world are under attack. Unlike Muslim attacks on Christians, which are regularly confused with a myriad of social factors, the ongoing attacks on Christian churches in the Muslim world are perhaps the most visible expression of Christian persecution under Islam. In churches, Christians throughout the Islamic world are simply being Christians—peacefully and apolitically worshipping their God. And yet modern day Muslim governments try to prevent them, Muslim mobs attack them, and Muslim jihadis massacre them.

To understand the nature of this perennial hostility, one must first examine Muslim doctrines concerning Christian churches; then look at how these teachings have manifested themselves in reality over the course of centuries; and finally look at how modern day attacks on Christian churches mirror the attacks of history, often in identical patterns. The continuity is undeniable. …

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Source: Israpundit

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One Response to Death to Churches Under Islam: A Study of the Coptic Church

  1. hockthai

    May 5, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    Thanks for posting. The true colours arise when the so called moderate states are out of control with corrupted regimes ruling for 20-30 years. Racial and religious tension will give way to extremism. Churches have been bombed over religious intolerance.

    Moderates are considered cowards, the ‘true’ believers will follow the teachings of destruction according to 14th centuries practices of war.