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Déjà Vu All Over Again: Another Flotilla Headed to Gaza

A new flotilla is making its way towards Gaza Strip as pro-Palestinian European activists continue to protest Israel’s blockade of the Palestinian enclave.

According to available information, a handful of activists sailing on the “Estelle” have arrived in Italy and are gearing to set sale to Gaza in the next few days. The Estelle is sailing under a Swedish flag.

The activists originally set sail in June, docking in various European harbors along the way with aim of raising awareness to the initiative.

The ship is believed to be carrying equipment meant for the “Gaza Ark” project – a Canadianinitiative that hopes to build a Gaza-made ship that would carry Palestinian exports outside the Strip’s waters.

Foreign Ministry says Israel following ship carrying handful of pro-Palestinian Swedish activists; adds sail ‘garnered zero support’

Among the activists – who for the most part are Swedish – is Israeli expat Dror Feiler, who also took part in the 2010 Marmara flotilla.

Israeli authorities have been following the group since it left Sweden. According to the Foreign Ministry, there is only a handful of activists on board, some of whom are known for participating in anti-Israeli activities.

“They are more isolated then ever. This ‘adventure’ has garnered zero interest outside this group,” a ministry source told Ynet.

“Various foreign ministries have issued travel advisories warning their citizens against participating in Gaza sails.”

The source added that “Hamas still maintains its radical hardline when it comes to Israel, so the maritime blockade in still in effect, in accordance to international law.”

Goods are making their way into Gaza Strip on a daily basis and with few restrictions, via the Kerem Shalom crossing, the source added.

Source: Ynet News

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