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DRS Inducts 29 Students Into National Honors Society

DRS honorees and staff

DRS honorees and staff

ACHDUT, the DRS High School chapter of the National Honor Society, is affiliated with the National Association of Secondary Schools. On Wednesday night, DRS inducted 29 students into the chapter. These students were selected for admission for having a minimum of a 90 academic average, as well as middot befitting this esteemed organization. The induction ceremony began with words of welcome from both Rabbi Yisroel Kaminetsky, menahel of DRS, and Dr. Gerald Kirshenbaum, principal of general studies.

The keynote speaker for the program was Dr. Leon Pachter, chief of surgery at NYU Medical Center. Dr. Pachter spoke to the students about their responsibility to contribute to their neighborhoods and society, and to never let any roadblocks get in the way of their ambitions in life. Following Dr. Pachter’s speech, pairs of inductees delivered short vignettes about famous Jewish personalities, from Tanach, as well as the secular world, who have also made tremendous contributions to society, and who exemplify the middot and characteristics of ACHDUT: character, leadership, scholarship, service, persistence, integrity, compassion, courage, dignity, and vision. The pairs presented their famous personality to an audience of over 200 staff, parents, and relatives. An honorary award was delivered to Mrs. Lisa Futterman, a longtime biology teacher at DRS. Mrs. Futterman was honored for her many years of service to the yeshiva. Mrs. Futterman is a special individual who possesses all of the qualities that were spoken about by the students. v

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