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Dutch Muslim Rapper Rants Against Jews and Homosexuals in Hate-Filled Music Video

JNS.orgDutch authorities are investigating a Dutch Muslim rapped named Ismo who recently released a hate-filled music video called “One-man,” which rants against Jews and homosexuals.

In the music video, which has garnered more than 148,000 views on YouTube, Ismo, whose real name is Ismael Houllich, raps that he hates “the fucking Jews more than the Nazis” and that he “does not shake hands with faggots,” all while affirming his faith in theQuran.

The video was reported to authorities by 19-year-old Lars Hobma, who is gay, for inciting hatred, according to the Dutch daily Algemeen Daglad.

On Twitter, Ismo sought to explain his position, saying that he was referring to “Zionist Jews.”

“I do not hate all Jews, I hate the Zionists [that] ensure that Palestine become[s] almost as small as [my] neighborhood is,” he said.

In an interview with a local Dutch radio station, Ismo clarified further.

“It depends on how you interpret the song I mean by ‘faggots’ I didn’t mean homosexuals and by ‘Jews,’ not all Jews. My real fans know that,” he said.

The use of anti-Semitism has become an increasingly common theme in European popular culture, especially among minority groups.

Earlier this year, several major French cities banned comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala for his use of the anti-Semitic “quenelle” gesture, which has been described as a reverse Nazi salute.

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Source: The Algemeiner

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