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Enthusiasts Come Within Inches of Death after Military Aircraft Misses The Runway (Video)

For an intrepid band of plane spotters it was  the most dramatic experience of their lives – and almost the last thing they  saw.

A crowd of about 1,000 had gathered to watch  the final landing of a military plane which was about to be decommissioned after  many years of service.

All appeared to be going smoothly as the  Transall C-160 approached the Ballenstedt airfield in Saxony-Anhalt, central  Germany.

However the pilot suddenly reported that he  could not see the start of the runway from his cockpit – and came down on a side  road where many of the spotters were standing.

As some fled screaming in terror, the braver  or more foolhardy stood their ground, keeping their cameras trained on the  31-ton aircraft to catch every second of the action. And two of them standing  beside a fence post came within inches of being crushed under its  wheels.

The plane then bounced up in the air, the  pilot regained control and landed it safely on the runway. It is unlikely that  there will be an investigation into the incident because it was the twin  turbo-prop plane’s last flight. It will now go on public display at an air  transport museum.

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One Response to Enthusiasts Come Within Inches of Death after Military Aircraft Misses The Runway (Video)

  1. Woa

    December 27, 2012 at 2:10 pm

    Thats what i call a lucky man!