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Fabricated Story: Police Close Modiin Illit Rape Case

Two weeks after the Judea and Samaria District Police launched an investigation into a suspected rape of a five-year-old girl in the charedi settlement of Modiin Illit, the case has been closed.

Police decided to end the investigation after it was discovered that the woman who had made the original complaint had fabricated the story. She may face charges for her conduct.

However, the inquiry has opened the door to other suspicions. Police said that during the probe investigators had uncovered a number of cases of molestation involving children in the settlement. Police are now looking into these cases.

Investigators discover woman who made initial complaint about rape of five-year-old girl fabricated story. Police consider pursuing legal action against her

Even in the early stages of the investigation, there were real doubts as to whether there had in fact been a rape. Several days after the inquiry was launched, the woman who made the complaint withdrew it.

Earlier she claimed she had made an oath not to disclose what she knew.

Nevertheless, police continued to pursue the case until it was concluded that the woman had fabricated the story.

Earlier this month, police confirmed it was investigating suspicions that a girl at the age of five was raped by a man in the haredi settlement of Modiin Illit. The probe was launched following reports of medical treatment the girl had undergone.

The local haredi medical facility refused to cooperate with the investigation as did other residents who were reportedly instructed to keep mum.

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