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Family of Terror Victim Creates iPad App in Her Honor

The family of a victim of terror has launched an iPad application to honor her memory.

Tal Kerman was killed March 5, 2003, three months shy of her 18th birthday, by a suicide bomber who detonated his vest on a Haifa bus.

The inspiration for the app stems from when Tal’s family went through her diary, and found a picture of an uncolored camel drawing.

In memory of Tal her family decided to create an application that allows users to complete Tal’s drawing by coloring the camel in creative ways.

On the app’s website Tal is described as somebody who “was a very sensitive teenager and did everything she could to avoid hurting a weaker person’s feelings.”

About her fondness for camels, Tal’s family writes : “Her room was filled with all kinds of stuffed animals. There were especially many kinds of camels. There was even a warning sign that said, ‘Camel Crossing!’”

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Source: The Algemeiner

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