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Famous Lines From Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch

A  look at some of the famous lines over the years from former New York City Mayor Ed  Koch:

—”How’m  I doing?”

—”I’m  not the type to get ulcers. I give them.”


—”You  punch me, I punch back. I do not believe it’s good for one’s self-respect to be  a punching bag.”


—”If  you agree with me on 9 out of 12 issues, vote for me. If you agree with me on 12  out of 12 issues, see a psychiatrist.”


—”Have  you ever lived in the suburbs? It’s sterile. It’s nothing. It’s wasting your  life.”

On  the prospect of living in Albany, during his failed 1982 race for governor.


—”Whether  I am straight or gay or bisexual is nobody’s business but mine.”


—”If  they want a parade, let them parade in front of the oil drums in Moonachie.”

After  the New  York Giants, who play in New Jersey, asked for a permit to hold a parade in  the city after winning the Super Bowl in 1987.


—”I  was defeated because of longevity, not because Yusuf  Hawkins was murdered six weeks before the election, although that was a  factor. People get tired of you. So they decided to throw me out.”

After  losing the 1989 mayoral primary.


—”It’s  not soaring, beautiful, handsome, like the George  Washington or the Verrazano. It’s rugged, it’s hard working — and that’s  me.”

On  the 59th Street Bridge being renamed for him in 2011.


—”I  don’t want to leave Manhattan, even when I’m gone. This is my home. The thought  of having to go to New Jersey was so distressing to me.”

After  purchasing a burial plot in Manhattan’s Trinity Cemetery in 2008.


—”I  know that nothing happens here on this Earth that wasn’t ordained by God. I know  that. You know that. And therefore, while I know that it was the people who  elected me, it was God who selected me.”  In 1985, during an Easter Sunday  worship in Harlem explaining why he thought he was selected by God to be mayor.  The next day, Koch stressed that it did not necessarily mean he was endorsed by  God.

“Not  that I was given approval by the Deity, but I am delighted I was given the  opportunity by the Deity.”

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