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Father of Slain Arab Youth to Gilad Shaar’s Grandfather: Maybe a Jew Killed Your Grandson (VIDEO)

During a recent joint appearance on Israel’s Channel 2, the father of slain Arab youth Muhammad Abu-Khdier told the grandfather of murdered Israeli teen, Gilad Shaar, that his grandson may have been killed by a Jew.

Muhammad Abu-Khdier was killed, allegedly by Jewish extremists, late last week. Shaar was kidnapped along with two other Israeli teens by Hamas operatives on June 12 and killed soon afterwards.

When asked by the moderator what he thinks of Shaar’s murderers, Hussien Abu-Khdeir claimed that the perpetrators were not yet known. “Maybe a Jew, one of your own, murdered them,” he suggested to Shmuel Shai Cohen.

“Nobody knows, until now, who killed them,” Abu-Khdeir said. “Bring me one person that admitted he killed them.”

During the interview Abu-Khdeir also blamed the Israeli government for the murder of his son.

“This is something that never happened, to kill a young boy and burn him alive. Only in Israel,” Abu-Khdeir said.

“And to take three kids into a car and kill them, has happened?” Cohen asked, to which Abu-Khdeir responded: “I can’t say… bring me one person that says ‘I killed them.’ Bring me. Nobody until now has taken responsibility.”

Abu-Khdeir was also reluctant to assure the parents of the slain Israeli teens that they would be protected if they were to visit his home in Shuafat to pay their respects. On the other hand, Cohen promised Abu-Khdeir that if he were to visit the families of the Israeli boys, “not one single hair will fall from your head.”

Israel arrested six suspects late last week in connection to Mohammad’s Abu-Khdeir killing. Three of them are reported to have re-enacted the crime to the Israeli police and all of the suspects, including some who are minors, are being held on terrorism charges.

Watch Hussien Abu-Khdeir and Shmuel Shai Cohen below:

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Source: The Algemeiner

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