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Five Towns Disaster Recovery and Relief Information Center

Nassau County Legislator Howard Kopel, Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate  Murray, and Town of Hempstead Councilmen Anthony Santino, and James  Darcy Announce Opening of Five Towns Disaster Recovery and Relief  Information Center
Post-Sandy FEMA, SBA and Insurance Assistance, Open Monday thru Friday at the Young Israel of Woodmere

Woodmere, NY (12-2-12) — Over a month has passed since the night  Hurricane Sandy changed our community forever. From the moment daylight  broke over miles of sodden, wrecked homes, schools, houses of worship,  personal property and irreplaceable memorabilia, thousands in our  community have stood firmly against rising tides of homelessness,  financial ruin, and weakening personal independence and family stability most have long taken for granted.

Now a new storm is threatening to drown our community: a tsunami of  paperwork, red tape, and bureaucratic double-talk. As many are now  painfully aware, restoring and rebuilding a wrecked community is highly  dependent on aid from FEMA, the cooperation of insurance companies,  access to grants and low-interest loans, and various other assistance  and intervention.
Yet, with each passing day, progress is further hampered and hamstrung  by epidemic-levels of inaccurate, often contradictory information from  faceless voices on federal and state relief agency 1-800-hotline  operators, and insurance company “customer service specialists,” who  serve to locate any technicality possible to avoid honoring policies  they sold.

In response to the urgent need for coordinated federal and state aid and intervention resources, Nassau County Legislator Howard Kopel, Town of  Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray, and Town of Hempstead Councilmen  Anthony Santino and James Darcy, in conjunction with Nassau County’s  Office of Emergency Management, and the Young Israel of Woodmere, have  joined efforts to establish a formal Disaster Recovery and Relief  Information Center in the heart of the Five Towns.

Since the storm, numerous disaster recovery resource centers have been  established in Nassau County and the Rockaways. But until now, none were comfortably accessible to Five Towns residents. Now, rather than  traveling a half-hour or more to get a straight answer, or otherwise  having to rely on faceless, unaccountable hotlines, Five Towns residents affected by Hurricane Sandy can turn to a team of experienced relief  specialists with answers and information, and who will be there for  them, for as long as they are needed.

The Five Towns Disaster Recovery and Relief Information Center is  staffed with specialists assigned by the Nassau County Office of  Emergency Management from essential programs such as FEMA Individual  Assistance and Public Assistance, FEMA Hazard Mitigation, SBA, IRS,  STEP, NYS Dept. of Financial Services to assist with insurance issues,  NYS Dept. of Health & Aging, social and rehabilitation services,  crisis counseling agencies, and from the Town of Hempstead Building  Department and Office of the Receiver of Taxes to guide those in need   with construction permits, engineering, and zoning, and taxation  issues.

They are on-site to assist with FEMA and SBA applications, intervene  with sticky insurance claims, verify information, and facilitate  solutions for various other issues. Each specialist is an expert in  their department procedures and protocols, and because they are  dispatched to the Five Towns center on long term assignment, allow local residents the confidence that any information they receive will be  accurate, and that those who deliver it are accountable for the  intervention they provide.

The Five Towns Disaster Recovery and Relief Information Center will  remain in the community  as long as needed. It is located at the Young  Israel of Woodmere — accessible from 842 Glen Drive, through the Young  Israel of Woodmere parking lot — from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday  through Thursday, and on Fridays, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

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