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FLASHBACK: Katheen Rice Didn’t Vote for Almost 20 Years…until she was 37!


As Voter Registration Deadline passes, Rice campaign once admitted she did not vote in a single election for 18 years.

Members of Congress have a responsibility to vote to represent their constituents each and every day. That raises the most basic questions on ability to perform your job to anyone with a long history of not voting.
Kathleen Rice failed to cast a vote for 18 years after she registered, knowingly choosing not to participate in the political process until she was 37 years old. Rice was slammed for failing to exercise this basic freedom as her “indifference to voting” that was hypocritical for anyone seeking elected office to possess. (Source: Newsday. Scrutinizing Rice’s Voting Record. July 24, 2010)

Kathleen Rice chalks her near two decade absence from the voting booth up to a “mistake.” Rice claimed she didn’t vote because it resulted from her being busy all of the time. Seriously. (Source: Jill Colvin, DNAInfo, July 27, 2010)

But at least Kathleen came clean, admitting that during that 18-year gap between registering to vote and casting her first ballot, “I did not vote.” (Source: Newsday. Kathleen Rice among politicians who fail to vote often. July 23, 2010) She then double-downed less than a week after that admission, admitting her nearly two decade of never voting “was a mistake and I readily admit that.” (Source: Jill Colvin, DNAInfo, July 27, 2010)

Rice’s spokesman Eric Phillips chalked his boss’ long record of not voting up to vague ‘youthful indiscretions’ and being ‘too consumed with work as a young attorney’ to make it to the ballot box, or even request an absentee ballot, for Election Day. But…Kathleen Rice was 37 years old in 2005 when she cast her first vote ever.

Comparatively, Bruce Blakeman, the Republican-Conservative-Independence congressional nominee in NY-4, is a habitual voter in both General and Primary elections.

“Is anyone really surprised that another politician like Kathleen Rice failed to take her civic responsibility seriously for almost 20 years? Kathleen’s long history of not voting raises is another question: why should Nassau’s families and seniors vote for her if she didn’t have time to make it to the polls herself?” asked Blakeman campaign spokesman Matt Coleman..

“Bruce Blakeman has always been a Republican because he has deeply held beliefs in creating jobs, cutting taxes and fighting tooth-and-nail for our middle class families and seniors. Kathleen Rice couldn’t even get-it-together to vote for Al Gore, George W. Bush or John Kerry in 2000 or 2004, even while living in Pennsylvania – a swing state – because she was ‘too busy.’ If you believe that, then I have a bridge to sell you,” Coleman said.

During Rice’s years of non-civic participation, she was a Republican when registering to vote but then switched to no affiliation with any party during her federal governmnet employment, choosing again to switch to an enrolled Democrat in 2005…just weeks before launching her campaign for District Attorney.
When Ms. Rice registered to vote in Nassau County, she used the address of a large campaign financial supporter & childhood friend’s guest house on the North Shore as her residence, according to voter registration records.


New York Times: Kathleen Rice “Failed to Vote for 18 Years”

“Kathleen M. Rice, the Nassau County district attorney…did not cast her first ballot in an election until 2002, nearly two decades after she first registered to vote, according to election records.”
Ms. Rice “registered as a Republican in 1984 before enrolling as a Democrat in 2005 to run for district attorney. Yet she did not vote in a single election for 18 years, her campaign conceded”

Her voting record showed an enormous gap in her voting history which “bolster[ed] one of the main line of attacks from her fellow Democrats: that she is a political opportunist”
(Source: New York Times. Attorney General Candidate Failed to Vote for 18 Years. July 24, 2010)

Newsday: “Kathleen Rice among politicians who fail to vote often”
Kathleen Rice “cast the first vote of her life in November 2002” after first registering “to vote as a Republican” in 1984. (Source: Newsday. Kathleen Rice among politicians who fail to vote often. July 23, 2010)

New York Daily News:
Rice “jumped to the Democratic Party one month before she first ran for DA in 2005.”
(Source: NY Daily News. Senate Dems Take Aim at DA Rice. March 5, 2010)

Associated Press: “Rice Didn’t Vote Until Age 37”
“If Kathleen Rice is to become the state’s attorney general, she might want to encourage young voters not to follow her lead when it comes to going to the polls.”
(Source: Associated Press. July 24, 2010)

New York State political observers argue that a failure to vote indicates those seeking public office lack commitment to the political process and to civic duty. “It doesn’t speak to a deep-felt commitment to the electoral process,” noted public opinion and voting expert Douglas Muzzio, a professor at Baruch College and founder and chief pollster at Baruch College Survey Research, said in New York Daily News interview.
Muzzio later said in a subsequent interview that “a failure to vote indicates those seeking public office lack commitment to the political process and to civic duty…[i]t indicates a not very strong commitment to electoral politics.” (Source: Newsday. Kathleen Rice among politicians who fail to vote often. July 23, 2010)


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