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Following Sukkot Chesed Program, YCQ Looks Ahead To Open House

The eighth-grade girls from YCQ fanned out into the Queens community and decorated sukkahs for those who were unable to do it themselves.

The eighth-grade girls from YCQ fanned out into the Queens community and decorated sukkahs for those who were unable to do it themselves.

In anticipation of the holiday of Sukkot, the eighth-grade girls from the Yeshiva of Central Queens ventured out into the Queens community in order to help those in need of assistance prepare for the holiday. YCQ’s intergenerational Sukkot activity is just one of many innovative ways by which the yeshiva promotes its challenging program of limudei kodesh, general studies, and midot tovot.

YCQ’s quality curricular and extracurricular programs will be highlighted during the school’s upcoming interactive open house, which will take place on Sunday morning, November 3, 10:00–11:30 a.m. YCQ is located at 147-37 70th Road in Kew Gardens Hills.

“At YCQ, education is not solely limited to classroom instruction,” said Rabbi Mark Landsman, the principal of YCQ. “Interactive and intergenerational programs that enable our students to perform acts of chesed for others and to learn from people with vast life experience are invaluable educational tools. We pride ourselves on employing a large cadre of warm, dedicated, professionally-trained rebbeim, morot, teachers, and specialty staff with strong religious backgrounds and commitment and rich credentials in secular studies, who impart strong Torah values and a solid ethical and moral base to our over 900 students so that they continuously grow academically, socially, and religiously.”

The YCQ Open House will feature guided tours of the yeshiva and a stimulating first-grade lesson for parents, which will include a session on YCQ’s Hebrew immersion program. The children will enjoy interactive lessons with YCQ’s kindergarten staff.

YCQ features Smartboard technology in every classroom for both limudei kodesh and general studies, a state-of-the-art science lab, two fully equipped computer labs, and separate classes for boys and girls beginning in fourth grade. The school also offers an assortment of after-school programs and clubs, including mishmar, Torah Bowl, advanced-placement Mishnah, and Gemara, as well as chess club, band, drama, dance, debate team, and much more. The yeshiva is also in its second year of a highly successful and exciting midot development program, “STARS,” which is designed to train the students to conduct themselves at all times with maturity and dignity. Free transportation to YCQ is available from Queens, the Five Towns, West Hempstead, and Great Neck.

“We are constantly seeking creative ways to take a school that has been in existence for over 70 years and chart a progressive path that maintains the core values of the past, yet nourishes a bright and innovative future,” said Rabbi Landsman. “YCQ is always prepared to take exciting new steps, while at the same time upholding the fundamental principles that were established when the school initially opened in 1941.”

For more information about YCQ and the open house, call 718-793-8500, ext. 313, or go to v

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