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Forest Fire Ignited by Arab Terrorists

By Aryeh Savir –

Tazpit News Agency –

While throwing Molotov cocktails at passing Israeli cars on the Nachliel road near the Arab village of Dir – Nizzam, Arab terrorists ignited a forest fire near Neve Tsuf, Benyamin. The nearby brush caught on fire. Volunteers quickly arrived on the scene and began to extinguish the blaze, as there was fear that the flames would spread to the nearby homes. They were joined by fire fighters. No injuries were reported, but heavy damaged was caused to the greenery.

Security forces searched for the attackers, and found remnants of more Molotov cocktails, but no arrests were made.

A spokesperson for the Benyamin region Fire Department told Tazpit News Agency that three teams were required to gain full control of the fire.

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