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Gender separation sign found in Ashdod rabbinical court bomb shelter, swiftly removed

Kids run for bomb shelter Photo: SAM SOKOL

Kids run for bomb shelter Photo: SAM SOKOL

Rabbinical Courts Administration said that the sign had been posted by a local worker without the knowledge of the management.

A sign discovered in the Ashdod Rabbinical Court this week indicated that a bomb shelter in the building was for men alone, while women were directed to a separate room.

The Rabbinical Courts Administration said in response to publication of the issue that the sign had been posted by a local worker without the knowledge of the management and had been immediately removed once they were made aware of it.

First reported by Maariv Online on Wednesday, a volunteer in the office of Labor MK Stav Shapir noticed earlier this week a printed notice saying “protected zone for men” below the permanent sign directing people to the bomb shelter, as well as another notice outside the room itself saying it was for men only.

According to the volunteer, the strong room for women was adjacent to the offices of the rabbinical judges which are secured with an entrance code lock and which he said did not appear to conform with standard criteria for a bomb shelter.

Shapir called on the Minister for Religious Services Naftali Bennett and the Deputy Attorney General to deal with the issue and to prevent gender segregation in bomb shelters across the country.
“The idea that women looking for a shelter from rocket fire encounter closed doors is just unthinkable,” said Shapir.

“It can’t be that modesty customs are more important than saving lives… Discrimination against women is always illegitimate but when it prevents them from protecting themselves it’s dangerous too.”

In response to the story the Rabbinical Courts Administration said the sign was a result of “the private actions of an employee without the knowledge of the management,” and that the sign was immediately removed.
“In practice, gender segregation was not implemented and nor will it be implemented when entering bomb shelters,” the administration said.

“The Rabbinical Courts Administration views with extreme severity any attempt to segregate between men and women and will take disciplinary steps against those involved,” it added saying that it has also issued detailed instructions to employees to assure that gender separation is not enacted.

Yesh Atid MK Dov Lipman praised the rabbinical courts administration for its response calling swift and proper.

via The Jerusalem Post

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