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General Who Heads Syria’s Military Police Defects and Joins Opposition

BEIRUT –  A pan-Arab TV station says the  general who heads Syria’s military police has defected and joined the uprising  against President Bashar Assad.

Maj. Gen. Abdul-Aziz Jassem al-Shallal has appeared in a video aired on Al  Arabiya TV saying he is joining “the people’s revolution.”

In the video aired late Tuesday, al-Shallal said the army deviated from its  mission of protecting the nation and became “a gang for killing and  destruction.”

Dozens of generals have defected since Syria’s crisis began in March 2011 but  al-Shallal is one of the most senior and held a top post at the time that he  left.

In July, Manaf Tlass, a Syrian general, was the first member of Assad’s inner  circle to break ranks and join the opposition.

Source: Fox News

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