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German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Support for Israeli security part of national ethos

German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Credit Wikimedia Commons.

( German Chancellor Angela Merker announced one week before
her country’s upcoming federal elections that “Germany’s support for Israel’s
security is part of our national ethos, our raison d’etre.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Credit Wikimedia Commons.

Although Merkel
aknowledged that she has often made critical comments about construction in
Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem, she said, “It’s equally important to me that the
two sides, both Israel and the Palestinians, work towards a durable peace
settlement, that’s to say a viable two-state solution. And I will support every
step taken by an Israeli Government to make such talks possible.”

Merkel made the comments in
an interview with the Jewish Voice from
. She spoke highly of German-Israeli relations. “Some years ago we
initiated German-Israeli intergovernmental consultations… Israel is still the
only true democracy in the Middle East. We want to work together as closely as
possible in all spheres and can be proud of our cooperation in culture, science
or environmental protection,” Merkel said.

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