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Germany to keep Israel out of the UN Security Council

The UN Security Council Chamber. Credit: Patrick Gruban.

( Israel issued a formal complaint against
Germany for blocking it from serving on the United Nations Security Council in
2018, Israel Hayom reported. Israel
has never held a position on the council, although nations such as Syria and
Iran have.

The Security Council comprises five permanent and 10 rotating members, elected
by the General Assembly for two-year terms and chosen from regional groups. Due
to pressures by the Arab League, Israel was removed from the Asian region and
placed in the “Western European and others” regional group.

For years Israel has tried to be part of the council. Germany recently decided
to vie for the 2018 spot, and Israel conceivably has no chance of winning
against Germany.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said that Israel and Germany had an agreement in
which Germany said it would not run, but the agreement was breached.

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