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Girl Joins Charedi Taliban Sect, Parents Arrested

A young ultra-Orthodox woman, who joined the radical “Taliban women”sect, has cut all ties with her parents and is about to marry against their wishes.

The parents, who arrived at the home where the girl has been staying for the past year in an attempt to get her to change her mind, were detained and ordered to stay away from the neighborhood.

The young woman left her parents’ house about a year ago and moved in with a family affiliated with the “Taliban women” sect. After not hearing from her for a while, the girl’s parents turned to the police, but were told that she cannot be forced to return home.

Last Wednesday, after learning that the girl was about to marry a young man introduced to her by the sect’s women, her relatives arrived at the apartment building she currently lives in a bid to convince her to leave.

Court issues restraining order against parents who try to forcibly get their daughter to leave ‘Taliban Charedi women’, return home with them

An argument erupted between the girl’s relatives and her hosts as the father tried to forcibly get the girl to come with him. According to an eyewitness, the father screamed and banged on the apartment door in a bid to break in.

Police eventually arrived and detained the parents and another friend. The three were released from custody and a court issued a restraining order against them.

Source: Ynet news

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