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Girls’ Nights Out With Madraigos

Participants in last year’s  After Camp program

Participants in last year’s
After Camp program

For the second year, Madraigos, is hosting the After Camp program geared for high-school girls who might spend their days working in local day camps. After Camp provides a fun and growth-oriented experience three nights a week where girls can socialize, relax, and take advantage of stimulating projects and activities. After Camp meets Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights in July, 6:00–9:00 p.m., at the beautifully renovated Madraigos Lounge in Woodmere as well as at a variety of off-site activities at locations throughout the community.

After Camp was originally developed by Mrs. Tzippora Weinberger, teacher and extracurricular coordinator of Tichon Meir Moshe, in conjunction with Madraigos. Last year, the program was a huge success, with many thrilled participants. This year, led by Ms. Rachel Nayman, who brings refreshing energy and years of supervisory and programming experience, Madraigos has expanded the program to include many new activities with high hopes of an even better summer experience for all. The program, called GNO, Girls Nights Out, offers dance, fitness, chesed, workshops, barbecues, motivational speakers, and much more.

Ms. Nayman comments, “High-school girls are home for the summer and we want to give them a nice way to develop their talents and interests while having a great time with friends. I’m not surprised that the feedback from the girls has been terrific. We can’t wait to begin!” For more information about After Camp, please contact Ms. Nayman at 516-680-0696 or e-mail v

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