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HAFTR HS Shows Support For Soldiers In Israel

L–R: Josh Lederer, Rabbi Gedaliah Oppen, and Rachel Gelnick submitting letters and donations to our soldiers during the recent hostilities in Israel.

During the most recent activation of large numbers of Israeli troops, HAFTR High School committed to providing direct financial support and chizuk to chayalim and chayalot in the Golan as they defend our homeland. High School Judaic Studies Principal Rabbi Gedaliah Oppen was in constant contact with Reb Rafael, a mefaked in the Israel Defense Force as well as one of the heads of Yeshivat Hesder Ha’Golan in Chitzpin, which is in the Ramat Ha’Golan. More than half of the yeshiva students were waiting on the Gaza border for the order to move into Gaza, and many other yeshiva students were situated on the border with Syria.

HAFTR High School has been raising funds so that the yeshiva could provide following services to the chayalim/chayalot (soldiers) and their families. HAFTR has also been asking students and parents to write a personal letter of chizuk to a chayal or chayelet, indicating their support for the mission, gratitude for their service, and prayers for their safety and well-being.

Four years ago, during the last Gaza war, the Bostoner Rebbe, zt’l, encouraged an undertaking in which Jews would daven and learn on behalf of an Israeli soldier in active duty. The concept was relaunched for the recent Gaza operation, with a global response from Jews from various walks of life. If you wish to daven and learn for a soldier or give a name of a soldier to be davened for, please call 011-972-2-581-1911.

To donate to this cause, submit a letter, daven and learn for a soldier, or give a name of a soldier to be davened for, please contact Rabbi Oppen at

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